A Comprehensive Review Of Benadryl for Dogs

Dogs often get allergies. These allergies can cause sneezing, rashes, or even scratches. When your rubs its nose on a bedding, a veterinarian may recommend that you give your dog an over- the- counter allergy medication like Benadryl for pain relief. Although Benadryl for dogs is an over the counter drug that is commonly administered to humans, it can also be administered to pets such as dogs to help treat allergic reactions.

What is Benadryl?

Benadryl is actually an antihistamine with active ingredient being diphenhydramine. It is commonly used to provide temporary pain relief for allergic reactions caused by insects bites , bee stings snakes bits , vaccination and can also provide relief if your dog is itching because of food or flea allergy. Giving Benadryl to dogs is actually the best way to counter any allergic reaction.

Why should you give your dog Benadryl?

Benadryl is an effective over the counter medication that can be used to help pets such as dogs to alleviate allergic reactions. The main reason why you should give your dog this over the counter drug is because of its safeness. Manufactures of this drug are actually one of the best drug manufacturing companies and the drug has also been certified by FDA. This drug only uses natural ingredients that cannot affect your dog negatively. All ingredients used in this drug have been clinically tested and approved to be effective and efficient to be administered to dog. Furthermore, this drug is affordable and widely available to the general public. It also comes with at least four different formulations thus making administration of medication to your dog to be less of struggle unlike other drugs. Also depending on your taste and preference you can buy this drug in form of liquid suspension, thin film strips, capsules or pills.

When should you consider giving your dog Benadryl?


Experts recommend that you should administer Benadryl on your dog when you notice that the dog or other pets in your house displaying some evidence of mild to moderate allergies. If your dog has been bitten by a poisonous snake, Benadryl is the best drug to give to your dog to help neutralize the poison. In addition, you should also give Benadryl to your dog if it shows signs of excessive itching, sneezing and irritated eyes. However if you are not sure of the signs, make sure you consult your local veterinarian first for direction before you give this drug to your dog.

How much dosage should you give your dog?

It is very important to know the recommend dosage that you should give your dog once it shows any signs of allergy. Just like human beings, a dog also need to given the right dosage for it to be effective. According to manufactures instruction, this drug is usually administered depending on dog’s weight. For instance if your dog weighs 10 pounds, then the recommended dosage of Benadryl is 10mg. Anything less or more will be harming your dog. This drug is usually administered after every 8 hours but this can actually vary depending on the extent of allergy.

Is Benadryl safe?

This is very common question that many people ask. Of course because you love your dog, you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to it. It is therefore very normal to be concerned about the general state of the drug. The answer to this question is yes; Benadryl is very safe and can be administered to dog of all ages. All ingredients used to manufacture this drug have been clinically proven to be effective. In addition to that, all ingredients used to manufacture this drug are natural meaning that it will not affect your dog negatively. However, experts recommend that you should give this drug to your dog as prescribed by the manufacture. If you don’t administer it as prescribed, then your dog may start showing certain side effects including vomiting, sedation and lack of appetite. You should consult your local veterinary for direction if your dog is pregnant or on other medication.

In conclusion, if you want an over the counter drug that is efficient and effective when it comes to allergy treatment, then Benadryl is actually the best option to consider. It is actually a great emergency drug for allergic reactions related to stings and insect bites. The good thing about this drug is that it is not only used on dogs alone, but can also be used on other pet such as cats. Make consult your veterinarian for directions if you are not sure of what to do.